You do such a great job. Have you studied or are you self taught? If so where did you study?

I am self taught.  Like most little girls I loved to draw girls in pretty dresses.  My style evolved from there.

 Why did you choose fashion/beauty illustrations? What attracted you to it?

I studied fashion design in school but it was really fashion illustration that I loved.  There is a different feeling when you see an illustration versus the actual product, but mutually they both capture the eye and makes you think "I want that."

 Could you tell us a little about your creative process when starting an illustration? How long does it take to complete a growing?

Depending what I am drawing, it could take me anywhere from 20-30 hours.  It also depends how much color I want to add and if I want a painting or a simple chic look.  I always start off by laying out a plan- Is there a background?  Will there be people?  I look for inspiration and start from there.

What motivates, inspires and influences you?

Everything from magazines, other artist, and ev en movies.  When I look at other people's work I often try to figure out the technique and draw inspiration there. Whether I'm traveling or watching a show I am always looking for inspiration.

You use colours in your illustrations, what is your approach to colour? Do you follow a colour scheme or just follow your instincts?

I follow my instinct.  Usually I think of what "vibe" I want to portray.  Is it pretty? Edgy? Should I use more colors or only focus on few? Who would like this type of piece?

Like it and hare it.