Founded in 2011 by Kristina Bazan and her partner James Chardon, Kayture is the most influential blog in Switzerland, and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to it’s vast international reach. According to teen vogue, Kristina is « singlehandedly making Geneva, Switzerland, the French- speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi”. Kristina is wearing multiple hats: influencer, model, stylist, creative director, and most recently: singer. Constantly traveling around the world with her partner in crime James, Kristina shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, each day with millions of loyal readers, opening a window to her dreamy, luxuriant and colorful world. Kristina Bazan with her Florian London Mini Vienna Bag in grey   Krisitna Bazan with her Mini Vienna with personalisation Initials - KB

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