The Red Edit   Red is not just a colour but 'a state of mind' - a mentality that oozes vibrant & sophisticated attitude, if you are determined, strong, ambitious and passionate, then red is your colour. With March being a month of milder temperatures, a red bag is the perfect colour for your everyday accessory.   Red Colour Facts – Throughout history, red has had a predominant role in powerful people’s wardrobes, such as cardinals. – Red is considered a very energetic color, which promotes ambition and determination. – Red stimulates appetite; can you think of a prominent fast-food chain that uses the color red? – In some Eastern countries, brides wear red instead of white. – In China, red symbolizes good luck   Add a pop of colour with your RED handbag   Your handbag is the best way to insert red into your everyday style, it will add a pop of colour to your late winter wardrobe. Ambitious & Passionate The Oxford Tote with hand-painted tulips is your perfect companion, glamorous  yet stylish, this red bag is perfect for everyday wear Sexy & Sophisticated The hand painted Chain Wallet  is  compact, yet a stylish piece to take you from day to night. Vibrant & Passionate The ‘Bite Me’ Vienna tote is the perfect choice to add that pop of colour your outfit  

Nika Huk with the Red Oxford tote with handpainted eyes

Our red mini vienna with Bite me lips

Like it and hare it.