Here at Florian, we are passionate about designing bags for phenomenal women like you worldwide. We are also passionate about championing and highlighting women doing phenomenal things around the world in their chosen field.

  1. Meet Phenomenal Fisayo Longe

    meet phenomenal fisayo longe

    Fisayo Longe, founder of the luxury womenswear brand Kai Collective, is deter ...
  2. Meet the Phenomenal Tiwalola

    meet the phenomenal tiwalola

    Meet the Phenenomenal Confidence Coach  ...
  3. Meet Phenomenal Naomi Elizee

    meet phenomenal naomi elizee

    Vogue Associate Market Editor, Podcast Host and Creator of So …What Do You Do Again?  ...
  4. Meet Florence - Founder Ethical Era

    meet florence - founder ethica

    Florence Kollie Raja is the founder and director of Ethical Era and the creator of the 203 ...